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Golf Cart Service

Our service department labor rate is $65/hr. Turnaround time is 2-3 days.

All local pick up & deliveries are $40 minimum charge, if in the Ringgold area. If your unit is not running and we have to use the wench an extra charge of $15 is applied.

This is an electric starter on a golf cart that was NOT in "tow" position when it was being towed. This motor could not be fixed. Cost to be replaced is $800 & up depending on unit.

Did you cart electric motors should be serviced after you change out the batteries. Bring it up here...Don't wait...The cost is $300 to rebuild.Our service includes parts to replace bearings, reseat brushes, turn & undercut the armiture. One year warranty!


Is your golf cart charger not kicking on? DON'T throw it away. Let me look at it. It can be repaired unless the transformer is bad. New chargers cost $500 & up. We can fix your golf cart charger for $180 if just the board is bad.

Have you checked the water in your golf cart batteries lately? Its best to add distilled water and charge weekly. For more information click on Dealer Info then Maintenance tips.


Golf carts are NOT just for the golf courses!
Golf carts are great for hunting, fishing, sporting clays, yard work or just getting around on the farm...Georgia law states that licensed drivers can drive golf carts on the street when the speed limit is 35 mph or less but not on State Highway Roads (like Hwy 151 or Hwy 41 in Ringgold.) Drive during daylight hours and obey the same laws as the cars. You must also have a triangle or blinking light on your golf cart.

Our carts are extremely clean with matching tires and in good running condition. All carts are inspected, and test driven and for any mechanical flaws. We do not offer a warranty on used carts but we stand behind our product and will honor any problems that are counter to representation.
Is a golf cart considered a "Low Speed Vehicle?" NO, if it does not have a 17 digit vin number or have a MSO indicating LSV, NEV or ZEV. According to, "Low Speed Vehicle means any four wheeled electric vehicle whose top speed attainable in one mile is greater than 20 miles per hour but not greater than 25 miles per hour on a paved level surface...". Code Section 40_1_1 (25.1)
Picture below is a Ez-go battery box where the acid has spilled out and ate thru the metal. Picture to the right is the battery box that we built and installed. Rear body has to be pulled off golf cart. Installed price is $250.
Ambulance bodies are available for sale to fit on Ez-go golf carts. Call for pricing.
This is the before picture of Keith & Meagan's cart. These people are so special in our Ringgold area. Two of the nicest people you would ever meet. This is their only transportation. So we decided to have a little fun when they brought the cart in for headlights and seat belts. We painted the cart, added headlights/tail lights, put their names on each side of the cart, of course custom seat covers and added a radio to the overhead console with a interior light. Then added Ringgold Power Sports pimped my ride to the back of the cart.
Congratulations Keith and Meagan! 
This is the differential on an electric golf cart. The motor attaches in the differential. The main seal was leaking. Luckily this was found when we were changing out the batteries on a 2001 Ezgo golf cart.