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Maintenance Tips


Golf carts are street legal in Georgia if the speed limit is less than 35 mph. 

EZ-GO GAS -12-15 mph, 9 hp, 4 cycle, 295 cc twin cylinder DHC, automatic continuously variable transmission.

ELECTRIC-12-15 mph, 36 volt and precision drive system (PDS) with regenerative braking. Chargers included!

PDS carts have several system features and performance options. System features include Anit-Roll back limiting backward motion of the vehicle down an incline to less than 2 mph. Walk Away limiting vehicle movement without driver input, slowing the vehicle to 2 mph and sounding an audible alarm. Anti Stall protection to prevent motor damage from stalling the vehicle, such as using the accelerator to hold the vehicle motionless on a hill or against an immovable object. High pedal disable to prevent undesired acceleration if the direction selector lever is changed or the key is turned on while the accelerator is depressed. Built in diagnosis system to allow faster more accurate troubleshotting. The 4 performance options include four speeds. All-Terrain with 13-13.5 mph. Steep Hill with 13-13.5 mph and heavy pedal up (compression) braking strength. Mild Hill 14-14.5 mph with Mild Pedal up braking strength. Freedom allows 17-19 mph.

Golf cart Battery Maintenance: Periodically check the water level in every cell and fill the batteries to the correct level as required. As the batteries age the frequency will increase. Water should be added, if needed, after the charging cycle has been completed UNLESS the tops of the plates are exposed. In that case, water should be added before charging.

Be sure that water suitable for watering batteries (colorless, odorless, tasteless and suitable for drinking), preferably distilled water, is utilized. It is very important that all battery cells be maintained at a consistent level being especially careful not to overfil in order to obtain good battery life and minimize corrosion to the electrical system and vehicle.

After watering, spray the top and sides of the batteries, the battery wiring, and battery racks with baking soda solution or a degreaser. Rinse the entire area with a low pressure spray of clear water. Do not wash electrical components with a direct stream on high pressure water. If any evidence of corrosion is visible (green powdered foam), spray again. Deposits on battery tops must be removed because they are conductive and cause self discharge of the battery. Before charging batteries, inspect all terminals for frayed conductors and loose or damaged connectors. Inspect all terminals to assure that they are both clean (corrosion free) and securely fastened to battery posts.

It is unlikely that a fully charged battery will freeze, except in the most extreme cold conditions. In the "off season" batteries should be fully charged, disconnected  from the charger and stored in an unheated covered area. Check the batteries during the "off season" at 30 day intervals, recharge and disconnect charger after charging. Do not leave the charger connected to the vehicle during "off season" storage. Cars equipped with PDS/DCS feature must be stored with the tow/maintenance/run switch in the Tow position.

CLUB CARTS Gas carts are FE 290cc and FE 350cc; they can be governed up and are pretty fast.
YAMAHA GAS CARTS 3 year factory warranty, 11.4 hp,357 cc engine and
tru trak front suspension with rack & pinion steering

FYI: According to Georgia Department of Driver Services:
50cc or less is considered a "Moped." 1. Must be 15 years of age and have in their possession a valid driver's license, instructional permit or limited permit. 2. Wear helmet. 3. NO license plate is required. 3. Obey same traffic laws governing drivers of motor vehicles.

51cc or greater is considered a "Motorcycle." 1. Requires a Class M license or MP Permit. Class M must complete a motorcycle exam (includes road signs test, special road rules test, vision test and an actual driving test on a motorcycle.) Must be 17 years of age. The MP Permit in an instructional permit valid for 6 months. (no passengers and operate during daylight hours and no limited access roadways) 2. Wear proper safety gear. 3. Tag is required and motorcycle insurance.